Woop Online Stores was funded in April of 2018 as a backpack and apparel business, since then we have shifted our focus into creating the highest quality, luxury apparel an accessible price.We focus on comfort, sustainability and customer satisfaction. All products are made once the customer orders them in order to cut down on waste and be able to offer more sizes and product variations. 

We are based in Colorado Springs in the US and have facilities in the US, Canada, Mexico, Spain, and Latvia. Usually orders take two days to be fulfilled and 3-5 to be shipped. Currently times are slightly higher due to covid. We are also offering free worldwide shipping on all new products and on the majority of our catalog. 

Apart from keeping our customers happy by giving free shipping and cutting down on shipping delays we also want to keep the planet happy. We do this by introducing methods of manufacturing that produce the least waste possible, creating our products on demand, using recycled materials in all products, and reducing the amount of plastic in our packaging.

Meet the team! Woop Online Stores is owned by Ian Gutierrez, a Mexican systems engineer and entrepreneur. The designs, marketing, and the rest of the work is done by Marcos Velasco as a hobby. He had the original idea of Woop and is the person that drives the business with new ideas and projects. 

Marcos Velasco posing the Blue & Red Hoodie